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Mobile Hybrid Wind-Solar System 

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Unique features:

  • It is one of the most advanced vertical wind turbines on the market.

  • It outperforms horizontal wind turbines in terms of efficiency, maintenance, noise, environmental-friendliness, start-up wind speed etc.

  • It is specially designed for maximum efficiency and has an overall efficiency of between 80 to 90%.

  • Direct drive

  • It produces far more energy than any other vertical wind turbine at the same wind speed.

  • Fully automated system

  • It can be monitored through an application.

  • It is noiseless.

  • 360-degree use of wind for power generation.

  • It is maintenance-free.

  • The elements are recyclable.

  • It can be easily deployed as a mobile system (containerized) or it can be mounted on a pole or roof.

  • It can be deployed in residential, commercial, industrial, remote areas, or can be developed into a power plant when grouped together.

  • It has no negative impact on the eco-system.

  • It has a low start-up wind speed of 0.4m/s

  • It provides a faster return on investment.

  • Over 30 years of service life.

  • It is patented.

  • It comes with a warranty.

Mobile Energy Storage System 


Unique features:

  • ​mobile, built into 20 or 40 feet long maritime container units

  • adaptable to every geographical need

  • can be produced for individual needs

  • efficient and safe

  • lifespan of at least 30 years

  • maintenance free

  • can be continuously monitored by communication devices ( smartphone, tablet)

  • intelligent, unique control system

  • direct DC charging

  • has no negative impact on the ecosystem

  • providing continuous power for hospitals, schools, public institutions, small communities, plants, condominiums, eco-houses,

  • solution for providing uninterruptible power supply

  • recharging electric cars

  • direct storage of renewable energy ( wind-sun energy)

  • storage of high volume of energy from power plants ( water, steam, gas)

  • can be charged by diesel generators or public grid

  • grid support: stabilise low and medium voltage systems, or smooth output spikes

Waste-to-Energy System 

TCG pic.png

Thermo-Chemical Gasification technology provides one of the best environmentally friendly solutions, providing not only technological advantages but economic ones as well, because it utilizes waste materials to produce electricity, heat energy, petrolem products such as diesel, jet fuel, snythetic natural gas as well as chemicals such methanol, ethanol as well as the production of hydrogen.

It provides a unique solution for the huge waste management, handling and disposal problems for all cities and communities.

The TCG gasification process can use virtually any carbon-based material. For instance, it can use coal, crop and forest waste (biomass), other waste products such as petroleum coke from refineries, old tires (TDF), or municipal solid waste (MSW) as a feedstock. 


The design capacity for one installed plant uses 500 tons per day of dry feedstock. The plant is scalable based on requirements.


This technology is also protected by international patents.


Solar pavements

solar pavers pic.jpg

Unique features:

  • Recycled material: It is more environmentally friendly as it obtains value from waste, and it comprises of recycled plastic and glass, as well as debris.

  • Space-saving: Solar technology becomes a part of the built environment without taking up valuable space. Also, it can be installed where conventional solar technologies can't be deployed.

  • Aesthetic design: The solar pavement design makes cities, buildings and homes landmarks of 21st-century architecture.

  • Low operational complexity: Simpler maintenance compared to regular roof-mounted solar panels. It is maintained like any conventional pavement.

  • Fast & easy installation: Using a modular design any installation is fast and easy to execute, similar to conventional tiling.

  • Durability: High-quality engineering ensures resistance to load, impact, scratches, and weather while providing vandalism resilience.

  • Safety: Platio operates on safe low voltage and provides the highest available level of anti-skidding.

  • Efficacy: Green energy is harvested by high performing solar cells that are integrated into the pavement.

  • Ready technology: Unlike futuristic concepts and prototypes, this is an existing technology.

  • International patents

  • CE certificate and 5 years full product guarantee based on EU regulations as a building material.

  • The life span is similar to traditional solar products which is 20-25 years.

Integrated Sewage Sludge Disposal System 

Wastewater heat utilization 


This patented innovation generates power from wastewater heat, offering a solution that makes operations in buildings cheaper in terms of energy costs. This technology represents an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution for cooling and heating buildings.


 The system is based on a heat pump, an equipment commonly used for supplying heat energy to buildings.


The technology focuses on wastewater utilization, thus it is most efficient in case of high-energy-consuming premises located at a reasonable distance from the local sewer network.  


Operating projects have been implemented in hospitals, cultural centers, university buildings, as well as several premises of sewage network operators, where notable energy-saving results have been realized. 


  • Using heat-pump-based systems saves energy.

  • It is a closed system, therefore it does not produce any smell in the environment or any hazardous waste on the  site.

  • It can be used in both winter and summer.

  • The heat exchanger is installed outside the sewage line in a concrete structure, where it can be managed and maintained under constant technical conditions.

  • Various technology elements can be installed either above or below the ground.

  • It is an ideal solution, especially in large cities with over 200,000 residents.

  • Since the technology can be installed below the ground, it can be used in densely populated areas, not only on the outskirts (as it is the case with wind, solar etc. power plants).

  • It can be implemented in only 6 months.

  • This technology has a useful life of at least 15 years, with components to be renewed or replaced over the time.

  • This technology is supported by an established maintenance methodology and cycle, including a control computer sending alerts on the actions to be taken (as part of remote management).

  • The operation is managed by a software and can be managed remotely from a site at any distance from the facility.

  • This technology can be integrated into an existing heating-cooling facility or can be established as part of a greenfield project.

Botanical-like wastewater treatment plant


The small footprint botanical-like solution solves a problem which arises with the massive urbanization we are experiencing today.

Conventional wastewater treatment plants are large and unpleasant facilities, typically built in the outskirts of cities. At the same time water scarcity becoming a pressing issue and it becomes clear that water needs to be recycled. Pumping the wastewater over long distances to traditional treatment plants outside the cities and then pumping back the recycled water consumes a lot of energy and is not a sustainable practice.

This solution was developed to address this challenge. The goal was to create a much smaller footprint garden-like water treatment facility that is seamlessly integrated – technologically, architecturally, and psychologically – into residential and commercial environments.



Today there are over 120 projects around the world that prove the advantages of this approach. The facilities can be implemented in all kinds of climates and in capacities anywhere between 1000 – 200 000 m3/day.




  • Up to 60% smaller physical footprint.

  • 30% or greater reduction in operating expense (OPEX).

  • Unique look and feel.

  • Resilient and stable system.

Mobile floating island


The Islands were planned to offer an exclusive sustainable holiday experience.


  • Each Orsos Island can be completely energy-autonomous and powered by green energy. It can be powered by a silent wind energy system and more than 160m2 of solar panels.


  • Heat recovery from sea water is the basis for heating and air conditioning.


  • These properties make the island a very environmentally friendly and sustainable island that leaves no negative impact on nature.



  • Excess energy is utilized for a number of reasons. It is distributed to various batteries in the treatment of saltwater to make drinking water.


  • Recycled water only leaves the island in drinking water quality to protect and sustain nature and to ensure the environmental friendliness of the Green Island.



  • An integral part of every level is the feeling of living right in the middle of nature. The myriad of different plants conveys this atmosphere perfectly, especially around the outer region of the island.

  • Plants are ensured the optimum water supply by a special irrigation system.


Garbage selection:

  • The garbage selection works via a collection, storage and disposal system.

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