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Established in 2012, we are a company focused on promoting clean technologies, offering green and innovative technologies to companies in several industries.


We are a company with a commitment to delivering quality, innovative products, and technologies. We're proud of what the products and technologies we offer have done to help our clients increase their market share, advance technologically and stay ahead of competitors, and are excited to help companies develop and complete their projects in a timely manner. 


We pride ourselves on keeping up with industry trends. Promoting and championing innovative and green technologies in several industries.

Our consultants are experts – with wealth of experience – from respective fields: building, engineering, energy, building,  IT and innovation, and law. 


Our vast knowledge, innovative products and areas of expertise enable us to help our clients achieve their project goals.



We offer innovative technologies in the renewable energy, environmental, waste, IT and building sectors.  The innovative technologies we offer help companies advance technologically, staying ahead of their competitors and increasing their market share. 

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